TPG cut scene no 2

Phone Sex

This is a cut scene from The Playing Game (click here for more bonus content)! It was originally going to take place during one of the road trips, but it got cut for pacing of the story.



I wake up on Thursday morning to a string of horny text messages that make my cheeks flame hot.

Kieran: Miss you. Miss the taste of you on my fingers. If you get this before nine, call me and I’ll tell you what I did when I woke up.

Kieran: Call me whenever, I mean, but I’ll be alone in my hotel room for the next hour and I could go again. Or just get you off.

Kieran: You make me feel like a teenage boy in the best way. Did I mention I miss you?

The timestamp on the last one is from twenty minutes ago. I call him and he answers on the first ring. “Good morning.”

“Hi.” I sound shy, which is ridiculous. “I liked your texts. Very teenage boy. Very…honest.”

He laughs, this sustained guffaw that I feel all the way from another province. “Too honest?”

“Nope,” I admit. “It’s fun.”

“You’re fun. I wish you were here. On top of me.” 

Heat zaps through my core. “Oh?”

“You want me to be specific?”

I suck in an eager breath. “You did suggest you could get me off…”

“Think you can come on the phone with me?”

In like ten seconds flat. “Uh huh.”

“I keep thinking about getting on my knees behind you in the shower.” His voice is a smooth lick in the exact same place he caressed with his tongue just a few days ago. “How it reminded me of how good you feel riding my face.”

Oh, that kind of on top of him. I squirm lower under my blankets, my fingers trailing over my belly. My hips curve up to meet my fingertips and I wish they were his. His hand, his mouth. His breath, barely touching me. And then his tongue, that talented, hungry tongue.

“Are you thinking about it? Your thighs on either side of my head, your sweet little pussy rocking back and forth against my tongue?”

I exhale shakily. “Yes.”

“Touching yourself?”


“Good girl.” He groans. “I’m so thick and hard for you right now.”

“Want you in my mouth,” I whisper.

“I know you do. Fucking love that, you know? Watching your lips wrap around me. Such a gift. If you were here, I’d spread you on top of me so we could do it at the same time. Tongue you all over as you swallow as much of me as you can. Can you take all of me, Harper?”

I don’t remember. Why don’t I remember? Everything we’ve ever done is a confusing mix of blurry intense feelings and crystal clear moments in time. “I want to. I will.”

“Fuck.” He hisses under his breath. “I’m so greedy for you. Might not last long in your mouth. Need to be inside you.”

“I want that, too.” I want it all with him. Every position, all the dirty words. 

“You’re a horny little thing, aren’t you?”


“I like to hear you admit it.”