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“Want you thinking about this for the next hour, until I boot everyone out because I need to have my wife.” ~ Kieran Marsh, 10 years later

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It’s Christmas, again, and Harper and Kieran have more time for the holiday break than they did when he was playing pro hockey. So they go to the cabin and to the Bahamas.

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In addition to the newsletter exclusive 10 years later story, there’s a fair amount of other bonus content available for this novel! My husband painted an NSFW watercolour to accompany chapter three, for example, and it was first shared on my Patreon while the book was being written. Now you can find it by clicking here (please note, this link takes you to another page that has a painting of a man jerking off on it!)

And below are links to the prequel story for this novel, if you missed it, an exclusive sneak peek at the next novel, and the Becca and Hayden Patreon chronicles, too.

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The Girl in the Hockey Jersey book cover

If you missed The Girl in the Hockey Jersey, now’s a great time to loop back and read Kieran and Harper’s one night stand in Buffalo! You can read it in Kindle Unlimited! 

Meet Ty Connor!

Two chapter preview of The Scoring Secret (Ty Connor's book)

Do you need another “wish I could date this guy in real life” hockey book boyfriend? Of course you do. Ty Connor’s book is now available! Click here to start reading (and see if your guess about the woman he falls hard for is correct!)

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Becca Kincaid and Hayden Calhoun didn’t just appear on the pages of The Playing Game out of thin air. Their origin story is in the pages of Reckless at Heart, Becca’s father Owen’s story (written by my small town romance alter-ego, Zoe York).

As a special thank you to my Patrons on Patreon for their support as I write this series, I’m introducing The Becca and Hayden Chronicles, exclusively on Patreon. Vignettes about this couple, whose relationship can’t be neatly captured in a single book, but stretches over years! This bonus is for the Pine Harbour -> Off the Ice super fans. Thank you for your trust with the leap to a new pen name.

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