Reading Order List for all Ainsley Booth books

All of these books are complete HEA romances about different couples, and can be read on their own, but some overarching plots and themes carry across each series.

Canadian Erotic Romance

The Frisky Beavers series

The books with an asterisk are Frisky Beaver Quickies, shorter interstitial novellas between the novels of the main series.

Prime Minister
Retrosexual *
Dr. Bad Boy
New Years Eve *
Full Mountie
His Bride *
Mr. Hat Trick
Page of Swords *

The Secrets and Lies duet

The first act of Tempt is also available as a free prequel ebook called Stuck. As it is wholly inside the novel Tempt, it’s not listed in the reading order.


The Frisky Beavers series is set in Ottawa. The Secrets and Lies duet is set in Toronto. I plan to write more books in the same world as the Secrets and Lies series in the future. Tentative series name: Kinky Village. But we’ll see if that makes it past the retailers…

Erotic Thrillers

Forbidden Bodyguards

Set in Washington, D.C., this is romantic suspense meets political saga, with a layer of erotic romance woven in as well. This series is complete. I may write standalone novels in this world in the future.

Hate F*@k
Booty Call
Dirty Love
Wicked Sin
Filthy Liar

Worth noting: Booty Call is not an erotic thriller, it’s a straight-up erotic romance, but the other four books all have suspense elements. Booty Call fits into the series because of the character connections. 


Billionaire Rom-Com

Billionaire Secrets

A dirty billionaire romance trilogy, this series may have one more book added to it in the future.

Undercover Billionaire
Her Billionaire Best Friend
A Billionaire for Christmas

These books were originally titled Personal Delivery, Personal Escort, and Personal Disaster.

Also written in this world for an anthology, but currently out of print: Personal Proposal 

Personal Proposal and three other women-loviing-women stories may be re-published at some point under the pen name Gigi Ford:

What is Ainsley writing next?

Projects in the pipeline include a distillery dynasty standalone story (Canadian), a political erotic romance (American), and the final Frisky Beavers novel, Bull of the Woods