TPG Cut Scene No 1

Ty and Kiley’s Meet Cute via Kieran’s Eyes

This is a cut scene from The Playing Game (click here for more bonus content)! This scene is now chapter two of The Scoring Secret, and I re-wrote it from Kiley’s point of view. But originally, it was a chapter in TPG and we saw Ty and Kiley’s meet cute via Kieran’s eyes.


There’s barking in the hall, then Ty Connor comes in, being tugged along by a dog I’ve never seen before.

As soon as they’re inside the room, and Ty sees us, his dog yanks away from my teammate and dashes to Kiley, nosing at her pocket. 

Kiley immediately snaps, “Sit.”

The dog sits. And then surges back to Kiley’s pocket.

“Sorry,” Ty says, swearing under his breath. “Got distracted.”

Kiley again tells the dog to sit, and this time, holds eye contact until the dog stays. “Can I give a treat?”

Ty doesn’t answer. He’s staring at Kiley.

I say his name.

He starts. “Yeah?”

Kiley sighs. “Your dog? Can I give them a treat for sitting?” She smiles down at the dog. “You’re a good dog.”

Not as good as Puck, who is sitting behind Kiley as if to say, I don’t know that one yet.

“It’s not my dog,” Ty says. “Just, uh, dogsitting for the day.”

She fishes a treat out of her pocket and rewards the dog. Then she picks up the lead and hands it to Ty. “First rule of dogsitting is know what they can and can’t eat. Second rule is, don’t let go of the leash.”

“So many rules, so early in the day,” he says with a rakish smile.

She frowns. “We’re going to have to share this space, so, yeah. Rules.”

I give Ty an exasperated, please don’t piss her off look, then smile at Kiley. Hopefully less rakish, more neutrally charming. “I need to head downstairs. And so does he, soon, so you’ll have the space to yourself shortly.” 

Under my breath, I look at Ty. “Do you have a plan for the dog during practice?”

“Her owner’s…” He looks at his smart watch. “Ten minutes away, she swears.”

Kiley’s right eyebrow shoots up. Yeah, I caught that loaded she too.

Sounds like a personal problem for Ty.

“I’ll see you later, Kiley.”

“Oh, this is Kiley!” Ty grins again. “The famous Kiley.”

Now her raised eyebrow is pointed in my direction and then she tugs on Puck’s leash. “Come on, Puckster. Let’s go explore down the other end of the hall.”

As soon as she’s out of hearing range, I point at Ty. “Don’t talk to her.”

“This is the best friend?”

“I don’t think you’ve made a great first impression, and the whole…dogsitting…thing is coming off in a weird way. Just…take this furry friend and head downstairs. Leave her alone.”

“But she’s…” His gaze tracks across the space. “Interesting.”

“Not for you. Not today.”