READERS!!! If you came across this weird “Hey, you must need VIAGRA” redirect on my website the other day, it’s fixed now. (Everything is fine now, and also, THE SALE IS EXTENDED!!!!)

^ Every book in my Forbidden Bodyguards series is just 99 cents, now until FRIDAY thanks to internet gremlins.

AUTHORS!!! Learn from my mistake!!!

1. If you have you a WordPress website, keep your WordPress up to date, and have a malware plugin working.
2. Back up your website.
3. If you don’t do either of these things (aka, if you’re like me), be fearless and nuke the hell out of your website. It’s faster than waiting for anything to be scrubbed (and cheaper, too).
4. But if you do nuke it, make sure you write down the exact URLs you want to recreate (like, for example the landing page for a big 99 cent series sale running at the same time your website starts to redirect to an online pharmacy…)

I did #4. I did it like a boss. And my website is back up and running (sort of, but the links for this series work)!!! Let’s extend this sale by a few days, shall we?