Surprise in Miami


Miami Beach


“How’s my girl?”

“I’m good,” I murmur into the phone. “I miss you.”

“Tell me how much.” Ty exhales, like he’s just stretched out on his hotel bed.

“I miss the taste of you in my mouth.” My pulse pounds as I say that. But he loves it when I talk dirty, and it’s true.

I do miss giving him blow jobs. We did that a lot over the summer, and now…well, it’s going to be weeks before I get to hear the sounds he makes when I swallow his cock.

And my empty mouth is my own doing, so I can’t pout.

The appreciative growl in my ear is almost as good as hearing it in person, though.

“When you say things like that, it’s very hard not to stroke myself, you know.” And then he makes a little sound that tells me he didn’t even try not to.

I grin and roll onto my back. “Are you hard?”



“Always for you.”

“I want to lick you,” I whisper. My eyes drift shut. “Wish I’d given you one more blow job before I left…”

“I’ll be there in three weeks. And after I eat my fill of you, you can get on your knees for me.” Ty takes over the conversation, talking me through us both having orgasms.

As I twitch through the afterglow of a very nice release, I lazily tell him that another packaged arrived for him today.

One of his most endearing traits is his inability to pick the right address for his online shopping. If he’s set up an address on a website, that’s where that package is going forever.

Not that either of us are home in Hamilton to get anything there right now. And I shouldn’t poke him to send things to an address we won’t be using for much longer—because we just bought a big loft close to the arena, and we’re moving in together after Christmas.

“You should open those,” Ty says, his voice full of sleep.

“Oh, are they for me? That’s sneaky.”

“Mmm, not exactly. They’re definitely for me. But I like you getting worked up about them…”

“Should I do it while you’re on the phone?” Because the packages are on the console table at the entrance to the condo, and I’m a boneless mess in Ty’s bed.

“Nah, open them tomorrow night.”

“Okay, I will.” I smile. “Love you, mister.”

“Love you more, luscious.”

And then we say goodbye and go to sleep in separate beds. Him in a hotel room in Atlanta, and me in his bed—in Miami.

The job offer that I got came with an unexpected interesting twist. The rehearsals are taking place here, so I wouldn’t have to rent a place or be put up by the theatre company.

I already have access to an incredible condo, right on South Beach.

I’ve been here for a week, and it’s still a bit surreal.

Ty really did have the perfect life here. And now, for six weeks, it’s my life, too—and it’s me who is rollerblading down the strip.

My boyfriend is being a very good sport about how I co-opted the lux life while he is in the rough early season trying to figure out how to bring out the best in himself and the other Highlanders.

His team is going through a rough patch right now. Really rough. Some of them aren’t speaking to each other on the current road trip they are on, and it’s so intense, Ty doesn’t even want to talk about it. And he loves to talk about everything with me. The man is an external processor who will keep me up late debriefing games.

So I worry about him.

But I’m loving my new job. It’s incredibly fun to be back in the theatre space, herding a cast through rehearsals. And there’s something magical about being able to do this contract without worrying about what I do next, because my boyfriend is taking care of the bills at home. If all I do in the new year is produce Shannon’s podcast (which I’m going to push her to do, even though her life has changed a lot since the summer), Ty will be thrilled for me.

How can I not worry about a man who makes my life that easy, and celebrates everything I do?

My phone vibrates with a new message.

Ty: I can’t sleep.

Kiley: You want to talk again?

Ty: Always, but you need your sleep, too.

Kiley: Let’s talk until we drift off. Do you think the line will stay live until the morning?

Ty: Only one way to find out.


The next morning, I put on my new pair of oversized, mirrored sunglasses and stumble to the nearest coffee shop for an extra-large, extra-espresso anything.

But it was worth missing sleep last night.

I’m smiling when I arrive at rehearsals. I’m still smiling ten hours later when we call it a day and I head back to the apartment, making it just in time to catch Ty’s game.

There are a few new players on the team who I don’t know that well yet, so every game this early in the season feels uncertain. 

Tonight, though, they dominate, controlling the play through all three periods. The Highlanders spend way more time in their offensive zone than Atlanta does. A year of experience in the league, as a team, makes all the difference, and they win 4-2.

Alone, I cheer like I’m in a sports bar.

And then I look at the contents of the three packages Ty had delivered over the last week.

The first is a sex toy that is designed to suck at my clit.

The second is a two-pack of dyed bondage rope, one black and one pale pink, almost the same colour as the bridesmaid dress I wore for Harper’s wedding.

And the third is a web cam.

None of these are “accidental” deliveries after all.

And all of them can be used tonight to celebrate the win, just as soon as Ty gets back to his hotel room.

I take my time, knowing he has to do press availability and then travel to the hotel with the team. I light some candles, then run a bath.

Ty has the world’s nicest bathroom here in Miami. A giant walk-in shower with jets coming from all angles. A separate tub built for people who are over six feet tall. And a view of the ocean during the day.

Once the tub is full, I turn off the lights and open the window. The ocean is black now, but there are cruise ships and container ships off the shore, and I can hear waves, and music from further south down the strip.

I send some music of my own to the speakers that are wired into the bathroom and bedroom, then sink into the water and close my eyes, letting my imagination run away with the setting—more cosmopolitan and sexy than Hamilton by far.

I see Ty binding me in the rope, then taking me out for dinner to one of the restaurants he likes here.

At the end of the summer, we came down to Miami for a week, using my vacation time before I left my job at the hospital. It was a delicious blur of good food, incredible sex, and perfect napping, but the weather was generally horrible. Rain storms and insanely muggy heat, so we didn’t go for the long walks on the beach and around the city that I’d been hoping for.

“It’s better in the winter,” he told me then.

I got the job offer on our last day here. “I’ll hold you to that,” I told him as I broke the news that I was going to joining this touring production. “Because I’m going to need to use your apartment for six weeks in the fall.”

“Our apartment,” he said, then promptly put the dates they play his former team in my calendar, along with six appointments for “in-person sex” around that game.

He also scattered “online sex” and “phone sex” appointments across the other eleven weeks.

Tonight is one of those calendar reminders, at midnight.

Good thing tomorrow I don’t need to be at the theatre until early afternoon.

After my bath, I rinse off in the steam shower and wash my hair. I braid my hair and twist those plaits into buns. Tomorrow my hair will be a riot of chaotic curls.

Even after all the pampering, it’s only eleven.

Still, I check my phone.

Sure enough, there’s a message from Ty. I light up inside, all warm and tingly.

Ty: How’s my sexy girl? Not too tired?

Kiley: Even if I was, I’m all excited now. You won! And I opened your packages.

Ty: Naughty girl. Did you like what you found?

Kiley: Mmhmm

Ty: It’ll take me a bit of time to get alone, but you should get started with them.

Kiley: You don’t mind me getting a head start?

Ty: Mind? I’m halfway hard just thinking about it, even with an audience.

I set up the web cam on my laptop. It clips to the top, and has a much better picture than the built-in one. Crisper image and a wider field of vision.

Then I unwrap the bundles of rope. 

Ty loves to pin me down with his hands, and he regularly buckles me in now, tugging my seatbelt tight—remembering the first time he used that to restrain me when we were caught in the rainstorm.

He also used his tie to bind my wrists together the night of Kieran and Harper’s wedding, something we both loved.

But proper bondage rope…this takes it to the next level.

I squirm as I wrap the black rope around my wrist. Heat pulses through me, and I stretch out on the bed, my still slightly damp skin warming up from the inside out. 

I take a picture of the rope against my skin and send it to Ty.

It takes him far too long to reply, but when he does, it’s a long string of groaning letters.

Ty: unnnggggggg

Ty: I’m going to tie you up and make me be a good girl for me

Ty: you better like that, because I love it already

Kiley: I like it

Kiley: I like it a lot

Kiley: I’m squirming

Ty: Fuck

Ty: Good

I press my thighs together until my muscles tremble and my core throbs, then let them fall apart. My clit feels like it wants that sucker toy already, but I’m going to make myself wait the way Ty would if he was here.

Ty: I want you slick for me tonight

Ty: Are you touching?

Kiley: Waiting for you

Ty: That’s not what I was expecting you to say…don’t you want to rub your soft pussy? I would.

Kiley: I’d rather wait until you can watch

Ty: So I shouldn’t tease you

I laugh in oh, I should have seen this coming. 

Kiley: You can tease me

Ty: Good answer, I was going to anyway

I don’t need the toy, then, because the words fly back and forth between us. Almost an hour has gone by when he tells me he has to go for a little bit, but he’ll see me soon.

Ty: Use the toy. That’s why I sent it. I love you.

I bring the toy to my clit and it pulls at me with surprising suction.

“Oh my God,” I yell, dropping my hand so it pulls off.

Then I immediately put it back there and let it take me to a fast, surprisingly satisfying orgasm.


Hello toy.

Panting, I text Ty the update.

Kiley: That thing made me come in like thirty seconds. You may have created a monster, because I’m still horny.

Ty: Give me the next one with your fingers only. Make it last.

My hips jump as I touch my pussy lips. Even before I get to my clit, I’m thrashing my head back and forth, because nooo, it’s too sensitive, but I can hear Ty urging me to do it anyway, to push through and find more pleasure.

My pulse pounds in my ears as I touch myself more carefully. I don’t take myself over the cliff, only edging closer and closer, and with my free hand—the one I wrapped rope around—I grab onto the pillow beside me. The rope slithers over my wrist, tightening as I twist my hand, pushing and pulling at the pillow. Anchoring myself there as my legs spread wider, wider…opening myself up so I can touch but not push myself into coming again too soon.

“This is fucking gorgeous.”

I scream and my eyes fly open.

Ty is grinning at me from the doorway.

“What the fuck,” I gasp.

“Don’t stop, luscious.” His gaze rakes over me, drinking me in.

“You’re in Atlanta.”

“I was.” He pulls off his team t-shirt, giving me a good look at his ripped torso. He’s always more jacked after a game, and I love it so much it makes my head spin. 

He gestures at the hand that was just buried between my legs. “I left immediately after the game and flew here. Looks like I got here just in time.”

“Atlanta is—”

“An hour and forty-five minutes away by air,” he said softly, kneeling on the bed at my feet. “You’ve stopped, so I should maybe take over?”

“What time is it?”

“Just about midnight.” He drops a kiss on my knee. “You smell good. Like the ocean but sweet.”

“You have expensive bath products,” I whisper, then reach for him, finally convinced he’s really here. “Oh my God, I’ve missed you.” 

He climbs on top of me and kisses my mouth. He tastes so good I could cry, but I won’t because we have precious little time together and I want every second of it to be happy.

When my tongue meets his, he groans in delight and deepens the embrace, sweeping me up against his hard chest.

One hand scoops down to squeeze my ass, then trails over my hip and goes straight to where I am swollen and sticky and primed for release. “You’ve been edging since I got off the plane.”

“You were on a plane when I was doing that?”

“Yeah, how do you think I got here?”

“I don’t know!” I kiss him again, arching my back, pressing my breasts into his chest. 

He pushes two fingers into my tight cunt and starts rubbing my clit. “Come for me again, and then I’m going to tie you up.”

“Oh God.”

“Not God. Just your boyfriend.” His kiss this time is more commanding, pushing back against my tongue. 

Showing me with his mouth that he means business, that he’s in charge. And the whirlwind that is my mind goes quiet. Blissfully blank, and there’s only pleasure. There’s only the pulse of my clit against his thumb, the squeeze of my pussy on his fingers, and then a building intensity that feels just as good as with a toy, but better because it’s with Ty.

“Fuck, yes, come on my hand,” he growls. “I can feel your clit pulsing. That’s it, little clit. Come like the champion that you are.”

I laugh breathlessly.

He pulls his hand up and sucks on his fingers. “I gotta keep winning games.”

“Why? I mean, yes. But—”

“I worked something out with the coach. Important personal time. Not every week, but there was this day off tomorrow, and then around the Florida games, and if we play a game anywhere near your shows…” He kisses me hungrily. “Phone is good. Online is good. This is better.”

My heart sings.

He stands and rearranges me so my head is at the edge of the bed, carefully on a pillow, but tipping back. I watch, upside down, as he strips out of the rest of his clothes.

His cock hangs heavy, the tip glistening, as he strides back to me. My eyes lock onto him. His tight sac behind his hard length. His strong, thick thighs. 

My hands reach for him, but he catches my wrists as he stops at my head. “Uh uh.”

Oh. Right.

While he holds my wrists in one hand, he tips my head back a little more, then spanks my lips with the underside of his cock.

My lips curve as I breathe in the clean, masculine scent of his sex.

“Hold still for me,” he growls.

“Is smiling out, then?”

“You think sass is the best thing you could be doing with your mouth right now?” He pushes the head of his cock more firmly to my lips. “Can’t smile if you’re choking, can you?”

Good point. I open for him and swallow him in, pulling the length of his cock against my tongue. He fills me up and floods my senses, thrusting in and out in with a shallow little pulse that never gives me a full break from sucking him.

Not that I want one.

I love making him feel good like this. And this position, specifically, is a favourite. It stretches my body out, and I know Ty likes to look at my tits and belly and the wet evidence between my legs of how much I like this. 

I know, because he tells me.

“Fuck, you’re sexy,” he groans. “Every time you swallow, your tits jiggle. And your hot pussy likes this, doesn’t she? Beautiful, slutty pussy.” He makes an appreciative sound, like a rumbling in his chest, and his thighs widen on either side of my head. “Now I had a plan here, before your mouth distracted me.”

I squeak, but it’s muffled by his cock.

He pays me no heed, lashing my wrists. Once they’re bound, holds them just with a single crooked finger, his thumb tracing loose circles over the rope instead of gripping me firmly. Up onto my fingers, then down my forearms. Up and down, he has amazing reach, and it’s disorienting and oh so good. The kind of lazy, hedonistic Ty energy that drives me crazy and needy and eager to please.

“I had such plans to tie you up in some complicated pattern tonight,” he says, exhaling like he’s disappointed, although the way his cock is getting bigger in my mouth suggests otherwise. “And then you were just so fucking sexy when I got here…so caught up in getting yourself off that you didn’t even hear me come in…and I lost my head. I needed to kiss you and touch you and get inside you. And here we are.”

He thrusts deeper into my throat, making me choke.

He gets bigger again. Harder.

“I think you’ll need to make me come in your mouth, so I can concentrate on my plan.” Another thrust. “Can you feel me pulsing my seed into your mouth already? It’s spilling out of me, that’s how fucking hot you are. All I want to do is come for you. In you. On you.” He yanks out and jerks himself against my gasping, open mouth. Drops of precome splatter my lips before he shoves into my mouth again. “Fuck. Yes, Kiley, swallow me. Swallow all of me. Take it…”

I gulp his release as he groans and fucks his hips against my face wildly. 

His thighs go rock hard as his climax spurts down my throat, and then he sags over me, his whole body twitching in tandem with his softening, pulsing cock.

Once he’s finished, he slides beside me. He uses my bound wrists to tug me up, and he checks on my swallowing—“Good? Okay? Fuck, that was hot”—before he turns us around, then stretches my arms up over my head, using the tail end of the rope to tie off on something above me.

“Do you have a tether bolt up there?”


“Is it new?”

“I installed in when we were here in August.”

I twist my head, trying to see where he’s making a knot. “You did?”

“The rope was on back order, and I didn’t want to use just anything on you. I figured we might use it at Christmas.” He glances down at me and grins. “Do I need to put something in your mouth again?”

I glance at his cock.

He laughs. “In a few minutes. Where are your panties?”

I make a gagging sound.

“Okay, no panties.” He grabs the other rope, then leans over me and kisses me.

Oh, that’s a good use for my mouth. Absolutely.

He licks the taste of himself out away, kissing me until all that’s left is panting arousal. Then he kisses a trail down my body, starting with my neck, before cupping my breasts, licking and sucking at me there for a while, and moving down to my belly, and lower, much lower. To my thighs, and my knees, and my calves. Well beyond my pussy to my ankle, which he catches in his fingers and lifts to his mouth for a kiss before he bends it in.

And then he starts to bind me. First that leg, and then the other, until I’m in a folded open position that probably has some classy, beautiful name, but all I can think is, I’m a sex frog. He hired a private plane to fly here for the night and turn me into a sex frog.

This must be love.

There’s no other word for it.

He looks pleased with himself, too, to see me trussed up like this, legs folded wide open, arms yanked over my head. He drags his fingers through my dripping centre, then pushes into me.

Slowly, he starts to fuck me with his fingers, his gaze dragging up and down my body.

“You’re beautiful,” he murmurs. 

“Are you talking to my pussy, or—?”

He moves, lightning fast, and catches my chin in his hand. His fingers smell like me, and his gaze is glittering. “It’s always you. If it’s your pussy, it’s you, too. But right now, I mean all of you. Every soft inch on display for me. You. You are beautiful.”

I nod.

He kisses the tip of my nose. “I like it when we’re in agreement. And you know what else I like?”

All of my guesses would be sarcastic and probably unnecessarily self-deprecating, so I hold my tongue and say nothing. 

“I like you—no, I love you bound like this for me.” His fingers reach up to my wrists, then race, featherlight, down my arm and my side to wear my leg is folded up. “Because as much as I love being your safe person to fight against—shh, don’t argue, we both know it’s true, luscious—I want even more to be the person who makes you fully let go.”

I gasp.

He holds my gaze, waiting for my protest.

I shake my head. It’s not coming. I’m too overwhelmed with raw feelings to fight. All I have left is exactly what he’s asked for—letting go. Being free.

“I’ve got you,” he murmurs as he walks his fingers back to my core and spears into me again. “And you…oh, my beautiful, sexy girl, you have me, too. Inside and out, you are everything I’ve ever wanted. Nobody has ever given me as much as you. As much sass, as much fierce devotion. Nobody ever made me care enough to take a god damn test and figure out the key to my happiness was mail order rope. You did that.”

I let out a watery laugh, which he captures with his mouth, and we kiss in an endless kind way. Kissing kissing kissing…and then just breathing, our mouths hovering right next to each other, panting as he works me closer and closer to another release.

“This is uniquely ours, Ki, and it’s the most precious thing in the world to me. You are the most precious person in my whole world. I love you.”

I break, climaxing on his hand, and this time it’s tears. Good, happy tears. 

He kisses me through the end of the shivering, teary climax. Then he unties me and rubs his hands over the rope marks, making sure I’m okay before he presses me into the mattress and thrusts his cock into my pussy.

“Fuck, I can still feel you squeezing me.” He groans as he starts to move, riding the aftershocks.

I wrap my limbs around him, pulling him onto me. Into me.

It’s hard and fast. He doesn’t try to make he come again, he just loses himself in my pussy.

It’s raw, rough desire in physical form. My heart is pounding so hard I’m sure he has to feel it has he presses down on me, and I imagine I can hear his heartbeat, too.

He grunts, going still, then jerking hard. Low, groaning noises spill from him as he slams his hips home.

My love, bare inside me. Being fluid bonded like this, with Ty, is wonderful. Not stressful like it was when other partners brought it up. It just feels right, and intimate.

He collapses on top of me, just for a second, then rolls off, and pulls me over so my thigh is curved over his.

I trace my fingers over his brow. “Hi.”

“Hi.” He palms the back of my head. “Some of your hair is falling out.”

“I don’t care.”

“Good.” He closes his eyes and smiles.

“How long can you stay?”

“I need to meet the team for dinner tomorrow night in St. Louis.”

“Okay.” I kiss his bare chest. It’s slick with sweat now. “Shower?”

“Yes, please.”

I roll away and swing my hips as I head into the bathroom. After turning on the shower, I quickly pee, then open the door and wave for him to join me.

In the shower, he carefully washes my body, paying extra attention to the rope marks on my wrist and legs.

After, he wraps me in an oversized towel and we fall into bed. He traces lazy circles on my back as I close my eyes and wriggle into my pillow.

When he asks the question, I think I’m asleep. I think I must be dreaming.

“Do you want to get married?”

I’m so warm and relaxed. It’s such a nice idea, marrying Ty. I smile.

“Is that a yes?”

My eyes fly open.

He’s looking at me, his head on the pillow next to me. 

“I’m awake,” I say, my voice thick with sleep.

“We can talk about it tomorrow.”

“No, now is good.” My pulse is skipping now, racing to catch up. “Why did you ask it like that?”

“Because if you don’t want to get married, then I’ll ask a different kind of question when I give you the ring I bought.” His mouth quirks, his eyes steady but not un-nervous.

“Do you want to get married?” I turn the question around on him.

We haven’t talked about it. 

We’ve talked about a lot. 

Where we want to live, both while he plays hockey, and after. I know he might get traded again, and I’m happy to follow him wherever he wants to go. He wants to live here in Miami during the winters after he retires. I want to keep a home in Hamilton, but like the idea of coming and going.

We’ve talked about kids. I like them in theory, but don’t want to raise them myself, at least not now. He’s never thought about being a parent, either.

We’ve talked about pets. Taking care of Puck when Grant needs help is our happy place right now, but in the future, we might want dogs of our own. But like with kids, maybe we’ll always just be happy being aunt and uncle to every furry creature in our orbit. 

We have talked about a lot, but it all circles back to, we’re filled with wanderlust and the standard relationship milestones that others care about really don’t matter to us.

So why bother talking about marriage? Marriage doesn’t have any bearing on travel or sex or love, not for us.

But now he’s looking at me with the softest, most tentative look on his face.

“Did I give you the impression that I don’t want to get married?” 

He smiles softly. “Not exactly.”

I wait.

His smile grows. “You want me to answer first.”


Now he’s grinning. “Yeah, Kiley. I want to get married. To you.”

“Oh.” I exhale. “I also want to get married. To you.”

“That’s excellent, excellent news.” He hops out of bed, naked as anything, and grabs a ring box from his discarded pants.

He doesn’t open it right away.

He crawls back into bed, the black velvet rolling around in his loose grasp, and he takes my hand.

“I’ve been thinking about this conversation ever since you turned the corner at Kieran’s cabin and I saw you in that pink dress for the first time. Your hair was…” He touches my face. “So smooth. You were all done up, and it was surprising, because you’re usually so earthy and sexy, and that was different. You were stunning, of course. Gorgeous. But it was also not what I expected, you know?”

I nod.

“And as I listened to them exchange vows, I had a really clear thought of, this isn’t what our wedding will be like. Not would be like, but will. It felt wild to think about that when our relationship was so new, but it felt right to me. You have always felt right to me.”

He takes my hand in his, the velvet box between our fingers now. 

“Lately, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that. Out of the blue, I want to ask you things like, hey remember the wedding? Wasn’t that great but also not at all how our wedding will be? And I’ve had to stifle that because we haven’t agreed to have a wedding yet. That feels like a conversation we should have before I start saying will out loud.”

I’m nodding now. Yes. So much yes.

“So this is me saying, I want to ask you an important question, because it will lead to other questions that I already have in my head. This is me saying, I want to marry you, because I want to be married to you, and I want to celebrate being married to you with our friends and family, and I have some ideas of what that can look like, but before I get carried away with that, I need to know… do you want to marry me, too? Will you marry me, Kiley?”

“I will,” I say, quickly, before he can launch into another circular, lovely twist of words that says the same thing.

Ty Connor has been fantasizing about our wedding. His wedding, to me. 

“I will marry you,” I repeat when he just grins at me. “And I really, really want to know what you want our wedding to look like.”

He’s crushing his mouth to mine now, so he can’t answer. He’s kissing me, and it’s sweet and hot and perfect.

When we break apart, he’s got the ring box open.

It’s a gorgeous double band that splits open, surrounding a blinding diamond in the middle.

“To start,” he whispers, sliding it onto my ring finger. “I want everyone to circle around us when we exchange vows. Just like these little diamonds wrap around this centre stone, I want everyone to surround us as I promise myself to you.”

It’s already the perfect wedding.

I nod, overcome.

We kiss again, and then we burrow under the blanket, giggling as he tells me about his wedding vision, which isn’t really more than that circle. The details will be up to us to decide on, in time. For now, it’s enough that we’re going to do it.

And it feels special that he asked me here in Miami. “We’ll have to go out for a nice brunch tomorrow to celebrate. One of your favourite places, maybe?”

“This is my favourite place. Wherever you are.”

“Yeah, but—”

He stops me. “Yes. We’ll celebrate in the morning. But we’re celebrating right now. I want to go to sleep with you in my arms, because that is a celebration. And I want to wake up to your smile, because that is the best fucking life I could ever imagine, wherever we happen to be.” He kisses me in a slow, drugging way that makes my heart race. “Waking up with you is better than a lifetime of South Florida mornings.”

“But waking up with me here?”

He gives me the slowest, sexiest, most perfect smile ever. “The best of all worlds.”


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