The Scoring Secret

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Hook up with the irritating hockey player living downstairs? Never.
Fall in love with his sexy online alter-ego, on the other hand… a girl might just accidentally do that.

The first time I meet Ty Connor, he comes off as a privileged jerk. The second time, he’s breaking into my best friend’s apartment…apparently, with her permission. And his arrival in my life coincides with the start of a brutal dry spell in my dating life. Do I blame him for that? Maybe a little.

So we’re not going to be friends. But it’s impossible to fully ignore a guy I share a stairwell with.

The only bright spot is an online sexting buddy who I can’t meet in person, because I can’t handle one more bad date. That is, until my feelings for my anonymous online pen pal collide headfirst with the sizzling attraction starting to burn with the jerk downstairs.

Now my best friend is marrying his teammate, and things are getting complicated.

It can’t be more than a secret, summer fling… one that ends before the hockey season starts again. Because I won’t risk falling for another beautiful, talented man who is so far outside my league, nobody would ever believe us as a real couple.

The Scoring Secret is a spicy, blush-inducing slow burn hockey romance with “You’ve Got Mail for the Tinder age” vibes.

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It takes me a second to realize that we aren’t alone as we wait for the elevator.

Ty Connor is leaning against the far wall, and he’s smirking at me.

“Hey, best friend,” he says.

I wonder if he’s forgotten my name. I put my headphones in my pocket. “Hey, hockey player.”

“What were you listening to that made you smile like that?”

Was I smiling? I am now. “A podcast.”

“What about?”

I almost don’t tell him. But then his gaze dips, dragging down my body, and I don’t like it. It’s slow and indulgent, like he didn’t just have Little Miss High Maintenance on his arm and in his bed last night.

So when that gaze that knows no bounds finally makes its way back to my face, I tell him the truth. “You.”


“And your tragic plight of not having enough hot girls in bikinis to perv on during your morning run.”

Ty’s eyes narrow. That worked to pop his balloon. “That wasn’t the quote.”

I shrug and push the elevator call button again. “Close enough.”

“It was a joke about how I have to focus on work because it’s winter here. It wasn’t a dig at anything but Mother Nature. If you want to wear a bikini, I’d be happy to run laps—”

“But it’s not really about the literal meaning of a quote, you know?” Why is the elevator still up on the fifth floor? “It’s the figurative bruise being pushed.”

He stares at me.

I sigh. “Literal means exactly what the words say, and figurative means a hyperbolic symbolism that—”

“I know the difference between literal and figurative,” he snaps, cutting me off. “What do you mean, a bruise being pushed?”

The elevator arrives, and the doors slide open.

Neither of us move.

“It’s not exactly a state secret that you didn’t like being traded here,” I finally say.

His jaw rocks back and forth, but he doesn’t say anything before the elevator doors start to close. He lunges forward, thrusting his hand out to get them to re-open.

Then he presses his palm over the sensor, holding the elevator for me. Expecting me to join him.

“I won’t bite,” he growls under his breath when I don’t step on.

I choke on a startled laugh. “Okay. But I might, so…watch out.”

“I’ll take my chances.”


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