Secrets and Lies Content Warnings

Below is a list of the content elements I anticipate some readers might want a heads up on. As it is impossible to list every potential trigger, please take a general note that these two books are darker and angstier than most of my books. If you have only read Frisky Beavers, this series will be a significant departure. If you have read the Forbidden Bodyguards books, especially Hate F*@k and Wicked Sin, this duet has a similar current of ripped-from-the-headlines awfulness to them. It is always my goal to give my heroines a happy ever after ending I believe is right and good for them. If you do not believe that infidelity can be recovered from in a relationship, then book 2 is probably not for you, and that’s okay. There is no infidelity at any time between the main characters of book 1, but it is on the page at the end of that book in regards to the main characters from book 2.

Sam in book 1 is the brother of Luke in book 2; Grace is his sister-in-law, and one of his best friends. He is the first person she tells about the affair she discovers. That happens at the end of book 1.

Tempt, book 1:
gambling, addiction, reckless spending, destroying a self-made business

sexual fantasies that include dubious consent, rough play, and bondage (consensual discussion about this happens on the page)

Shame, book 2:
infidelity that ends on page one (specific details below if you want to see them), staying together post-infidelity (the rest of the book is about this)

dating during a separation (the person who was cheated on only)

mental health concerns (untreated ADHD, depression, PTSD)

alcohol abuse on the page

Daddy kink

BDSM topics discussed between the characters: sadism, d/s, topping, submission, Master/sub dynamics (this may not be a complete list, but is the primary set of topics discussed)

. . . .

This story is about a wife who discovers her husband is having an affair, and has been having it for a period of time. He lies to her repeatedly about the severity and duration of it. There is no sex on the page with the affair person; there is some sexual content for the wife, with another person, during a period of separation; this is not hidden from her husband.

Over the course of the book, he faces the impact of what he has done, and does a lot of work to understand why he did it, and how he can be a present and wholly committed partner to Grace for the rest of his life.

If at any point you want to email me with questions about the infidelity, I will answer any that are sent politely. You can find me at — I only do email as my alter-ego, Zoe York. I offer this tentatively, with the full understanding that there will be some readers who are fragile around this topic and yet still want to read it. But please understand that I am a human being who may need to draw a stronger boundary around this should emails get abusive.