Secrets and Lies Duet

Each book in this duet is a complete romance about a separate couple and can be read on its own. If you want more content warnings that what exist in the blurbs, I have a detailed page of content warnings here.

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Book 1: Tempt

Release date: September 22, 2020


The hot guy in a suit has never been my type. The one sitting across from me on the train? He’s the cold-day-in-hell I want nothing to do with.

But when our train stops in the middle of nowhere, and my laptop full of filthy fantasies skips into his hands, I need to admit that I don’t mind the idea of spending a few hours making very bad decisions with Sam—even if he reminds me of a time in my past I wanted to leave forgotten forever.


She’s not interested in small talk. Or any kind of conversation, and I’m fine with that. So what if I can’t stop looking at her? Wondering what if?

Hazel’s not into me. End of story. Until a snowstorm traps us in the middle of nowhere, and the night stretches ahead of us. Maybe we can find a game to pass the time. Something secret and special, and limited to one night only.

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Book 2: Shame

Release date: November 10, 2020


I never thought my husband would cheat on me. I was wrong.

Now I need to pick up the tattered remnants of my life and figure out how to put one foot in front of the other. How to look at myself in the mirror without seeing my own secrets scrawled there in shameful scarlet.


I am exactly the asshole you think I am.

I don’t deserve her. I should walk away. But I can’t let her go without a fight. Too late–too damn late–I’m realizing what I’ve done and everything that I’ve lost. Everything I want back again, or maybe really to have and to hold properly for the first time. In order to stay with Grace and win her back, I’m going to need to storm through fire, over and over again.

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This duet takes place in the same world as the Kinky Village series, which will follow the release of this duet.

Treat this series as a choose-your-own adventure route. You can read Tempt and then read Crave next, leaving Shame for never, or maybe a time when you really want to see a man humbled to his core..

Or if you love a break-your-heart, ugly cry kind of book, you can read Shame as a standalone without reading Tempt!