Printable Book List

Each of my series exists in its own world, so you can start with any of them.

Forbidden Bodyguards

Hate F*@k (Cole & Hailey)
Booty Call (Scott & Ali)
Dirty Love (Wilson & Tabitha)
Wicked Sin (Luke & Taylor)
Filthy Liar (Jason & Melinda, coming in 2020)

Frisky Beavers

Retrosexual (Stew & Adrienne – this is a short story that takes place at the start of Prime Minister)
Prime Minister (Gavin & Ellie)
Dr. Bad Boy (Max & Violet)
* New Year’s Eve (Gavin & Ellie short story)
Full Mountie (Lachlan, Beth & Hugh)
* His Bride (Gavin & Ellie wedding short story)
Mr. Hat Trick (Tate & Sasha)
Bull of the Woods (Jack & Addison)

The stories marked with an * are currently available as newsletter / website exclusive reads

Billionaire Secrets

Personal Delivery (Jake & Jana)
Personal Escort (Toby & Cara)
Personal Disaster (Marcus & Poppy)

Secrets and Lies

coming soon

Hot New York Nights

coming soon