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Billionaire Secrets

Personal Delivery

He’s a secret billionaire; she’s crushing on the delivery guy.

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Personal Escort (aka St. George Station)

He’s her billionaire BFF; she needs a husband.

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Personal Disaster

He’s a park ranger; she’s looking for a billionaire.

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Personal Interest

*cover coming soon*

He’s a playboy billionaire; she’s going to teach him a lesson.

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Personal Proposal

New boss. Secret crush. Big problems.

Brianne can’t afford a crush on her new boss. Thanks to a storm of media attention, she’s fled her old life and desperately needs to please the aloof and demanding Astrid Dane. So she ignores the zing of chemistry every time they touch, and the ache inside each night as she tumbles into a cold, lonely bed. But as their work gets harder, and their days longer, boundaries crumble and Astrid finally puts her cards on the table with an unexpected proposal.

Coming November 8 inside the Rogue Affair anthology:

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